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1976 Chevrolet Vega Nomad
Converted Modifications 350
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Sat Jun 02, 2007 10:58 am
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My 1976 Nomad has a 350 cu. in. SBC using Don Hardy Frame mounts and Don Hardy Headers. An Edelbrock Manifold with a 600 cfm Edelbrock performer Carburetorand a Holly permanent Air cleaner takes care of keeping the motor intake system clean. The exhaust gasses are vented through a 2 1/2" system with flowmasters and "Grass Burner" turndowns under the car. It has a Saganaw 4-speed transmission with a, soon to be installed, Hurst competition Plus Shifter. I also have a set of 3.73 gears and Posi unit to replace the "peg leg" 3.92 gears as funds become available . There is no room between the short waterpump and the Radiator so two electric fans mounted "pusher" on the outside of the radiator controlled by a Painless wiring sensor and two relays turning the fans on at 180 degrees and off at 170 degrees to try to keep up with the motors heat. (a bit of a problem at this point.) I am also looking to install something on the hood that would vent the ujndewrhood heat created as it runs, a hood scoop or louvers as of yet undecided. The wheels are Crager SS steel wheels 13X7" in the front with 215/60 13" American Racer Tires and the rear has 13X8" wheels with 235/60 13" American racer tires. The side skirt helps to hide the exhaust system as the Don Hardy headers turn out under the car. The car was repainted prior to my purchasing it. The paint is a stock Firethorn red with gold pearl overlaid in the clearcoat. The top was changed from white to Black to balance the Black design on the hood.

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