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1980 Pontiac Sunbird Formula

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Another True Pontiac Survivor...
1980 Sunbird Formula W-66 Sport Hatchback.
I purchased this one in 2006 and was found to be 1 of 358 documented by GM for exclusive sales in Canada. The "Rare Bird" is presently hibernating in my garage and has become almost "extinct."....for 9 years of research, a couple of other models equipped the same have ever been seen throughout this site connection or otherwise! Recently one with similar options was just scrapped on March 30th 2013. and I was furnished generously with it's "build-sheet" thankyou. The other is in S.Carolina U.S.A. There are no known others in Canada. EDIT..I now have another..purchased in March 2016 from Clearwater B.C. see the garage for details...
In 2009, I installed a custom exhaust, with a curved X-pipe and true-duals including separate tail pipes (fuel tank did not need to be modified).
A pic of 15 x 8 alloy rims by Fast Wheels (now discontinued) were tried on and looked pretty nice,but the factory 13" snow flake rims were put back on afterwards,( I'm still a bit of a "purist") A set of 15 in. snow flakes might be installed in future with the proper 5 bolt re-configuration needed.
I enjoy showing this vehicle at various car shows and it is usually trailered to keep the mileage and road wear to a minimum' however driving it on some trips even more enjoyable now since the "engine" up-grade!
The original engine was a modified 231, bored 60 over, with new pistons and crank, the heads were shaved, and performed well with its new 600 Holley and Performer intake.
An engine swap took place July of 2012 A New 5.7 V-8 330 h.p. G.M. crate engine was installed. * EDIT: On April 25th 2014, a new 355 Promax engine with approx. 375hp was installed as the GM crate was out of spec. Using the factory correct engine frame mounts and correct alluminum bell-housing plus most of the proper hardware to mimick a factory installation as near as possible. The Carb used is a new style lightweight alluminum Holley 670 cfm dble pmper Street Avenger series with an Eddy high-rise alloy Intake.Engine has a 2 stage cam. This gives the desired "lumpy" effect that gets some attention lol. Alloy Eddy "E" Street heads with 64cc chambers and new MSD probuilt ignition with billet dist. and digital box with programmer and rev limiter for perfect sinc was also used. Billet water pump and some other cooling improvements were added. A Hayes 10 1/2 inch performance clutch hooks it all up consistently. Regular pump gas with some octane enhancement provides decent fuel mileage coupled to the M-20 4-speed wide ratio transmission and posi-trac rear end, both factory original equipment.
Every year I attend several shows[2009,10,11, 12] and drive to "Monza-Que" [an event sanctioned by one of H-Body's very own members], loving every mile.
This summer of 2013, the Sunbird was transported to Bonnyville Alberta Canada to attend shows and be enjoyed while working in the oil patch. It was then taken to Ontario in 2016 were it remained until recently as of Aug. 01 2018 when it was taken back to Alberta for some refurbishing. The Original transmission was recently rebuilt and installed on July 26th 2018 and works better than it ever did !!
The uniqueness of this car always adds a difference at show and shine events and helps draw people in and open their wallets for the Charity events that it attends .Reminiscent car buffs stop by to talk about their long lost H-body's of their youth and smile about the fun they had in the Vega's Monza's and other's, not really remembering a whole lot of these "Birds"
When the "optional Tent pkg." is installed [in minutes] people are drawn in and can hardly believe their eyes and some remember the early H-body's with this. [ To view this car with the tent pkg. on, go to the "shows and events" and look at "Monzaque"..2010-2012] ...Enjoy!! Note: Ye Ole Pursuit Car was not harmed in any way, it always asks for more! Best "tow vehicle"I ever owned! also tows a 26ft enclosed, two trailers a boat, Ford products!!!LOL
This V6 Engine is now SOLD..
PSS..The Sunbird just took 1st place in the 80's Classic Car division in Athabaska Alberta on July 1st 2013! it is now a part of the Alberta Iron Indian Pontiac Club Edmonton Chapter and is displayed in the October Newsletter for 2013!
EDIT: A quarter mile run result from earlier this year,2015, resulted in a low 12 sec. time on the stock 13in. tires! this was performed with the temporary installation of the spare Vega transmission as the M-20 gets overhauled. EDIT: Transmission rebuilt and in ! Also, rear urethane panel replaced and painted as of July 31st is nearly complete and will now have the 5 bolt wheel (axles and front hubs) replaced and 15in alloys will be installed soon...will post pics..
1980 Pontiac Sunbird Formula
Silver w/Formula W66
Sat Aug 04, 2018 12:42 am
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