1977 Monza 2+2 Demo 8 track Tape

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1977 Monza 2+2 Demo 8 track Tape

Postby marco_1978_spyder » Sun Mar 29, 2009 2:46 pm

Yes, I said 8 track ! remember those??

Well I hooked one up to my pc and am making it an MP3. Who's interested in hearing it? Yes...it has some very cheeseee moments. The narrator is quite the family friendly comedian. Some interesting tidbits of info. Maybe good to play on your cars stereo during a car show.

I'll have to find a place to store it on the web I guess. might be a large file. I'll do each track as a separate file. I think it actually repeats, and isnt actually that long...I have to listen to it more..

"... that's baseball, hotdogs, apple pie, and chevrolet...." :lol:
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