I have a spyder with horn's...

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I have a spyder with horn's...

Postby marco_1978_spyder » Wed May 13, 2009 9:15 pm

LOL...not those kind of horns..

The beep beep kinda horns.

I was gonna title this "got my monza 'horn'ey today" but I figured that was kinda cheesey.

Anyhow...For a long while my monza had a crappy horn. Not a huge deal. But I did have a close call on a recent drive that suggested my horn isnt loud enough for when the time comes. (Some AstroVan type thing, backing out of a driveway never looked and was headed into my lane) Seems like they heard my horn, but it didnt have the bark it needed.

Somehow, the car ended up with 1 horn of a 2 horn set. the High pitched one.
This set was made by FIAMM in Italy. Looked kinda cool, with a black and red case to match my car.
I bet they both sounded cool when hooked up together.

I recently found the 2nd horn, but it was junk. Dead.

Well today I found another aftermarket horn in a box. This one made by Klaxxon of France. It appears to be the Low tone of another 2 horn set. (lucky me) so I tested it - worked fine- and set out to install it.

The Fiamm horn is in the factory spot and I wanted to mount this Klaxxon in the same spot using the same mounting hole. The bracket was perfect for this.

Well, that wasnt happening seeing as how that bolt is now frozen in place.

So I decided to mount it on the opposite side of the car, in the same spot using the center hole under the emissions canister to run a bolt through.

I used another horn wire from a spare wiring harness to make the connection. The stock connector plugged into the new horn. I ran it up high and out of site from the front of the car. It was just long enough to reach back to the stock horn location. I soldered 2 ends to the other side, one to connect to the factory horn wire and one to connect to the high pitched Fiamm.

I gave the horn button a press, and presto, nice loud horn for a change. And the 2 tones make it sound like a more expensive cars horn. (Not sure if some realize it but many car horns are a 2 note harmony). The stock H body horn just toots one note.
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