I actually found a 77 Astre Formula Artical

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I actually found a 77 Astre Formula Artical

Postby cammerjeff » Sat Feb 06, 2016 3:41 pm

It is not much just 2 pages with some pic's from the old Magazine "Street Machine" Sept 1977 (the article actually was published about a month after Production of the car Stopped)

Here it is, Black with Gold Graphic's, equipped just about exactly the way my old Silver one was, Iron Duke, Automatic, California Emissions, Pwr Steering & Brakes, A/C, Base Ralley Wheels, Bumper Rub strips, & Hood Decal. The only differance's (besides Colors) I see is the car in the article has Front bumper gaurds, and does not have delay wipers. I have never seen anything actually published on this model before. So I had to buy it.

Also interesting to see just like my Yellow car this car has the bright work around the side glass, that according to the Model Spec's Published by Pontiac the doors bright work was not supposed to be installed on a Formula, and the window surround area is supposed to be painted Charcoal. On my Yellow car the Charcoal paint was there, and was covered up by the Bright Trim. I wonder due to it being a Black car and the fact that the Charcoal paint would not really stand out like it would on a White, Silver, or Yellow car if the bright work was added?
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