shout out to the local Auto Value parts store

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shout out to the local Auto Value parts store

Postby beakerztoyz » Mon May 30, 2016 5:05 pm

My best friend works at a store called Auto Value it's a chain of parts stores up here in Canada. So I of course love to go in there and try and make him look up parts that I know are extinct for the old h bodies, of course he actually looks up those parts.. and not just cuz he's my friend either. Today I was passing by and I thought I'd drop in and throw them a curve ball, got him to look up the clutch fork that goes in the four speed for me because I'm sure that there's only 3 left in the world that aren't in peoples hot rods..... and all 3 of those are in junkyards somewhere between Kalamazoo and Tibet. well after a few minutes on one computer he starts using another as well so I smirked thinking the first one blew a gasket when he told it what he wanted. After going back and forth for a few minutes he says we've got one in Calgary it'll be 25 bucks and I can have it here tomorow......... So of course I said you know it's different than the normal chevy one right, and he says well according to this there's 2 in Canada :shock: well of course I got him to order it for me. I'm not sure how things work but Auto value has suppliers in the states and up here and it always surprises me just what oddball stuff they can find. So I just thought I'd mention them on here and if there's one in your neck of the woods be sure to check them out, they won't even laugh at you when you say you want something for a 1970 something h body.
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