easiest way to disconnect and move middle steering shaft

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easiest way to disconnect and move middle steering shaft

Postby chevyart » Fri Jun 17, 2016 2:31 am

need to turn my steering wheel 180 degrees to realign it. long story posted here 6 mos ago explains what happened. the wheel cant be rotated at top of column like other chevys that have a spline which allows wheel to be realigned. cant do it at steering box as the shaft can only go onto box one way. only way i see is to loosen the splined coupler at bottom of column and turn it 180 degrees. only trouble is that there is no room to separate these parts to rotate the coupler(due to the 2 pins and 2 bolts). any tricks to loosen up one of the parts to get a little separation. i heard one other member mention that he tried to remove the center shaft, but there was no room to slide the shaft out, so i guess he either had to slide the box forward or pull the column further back into the inside of car. any easier way than the ones just mentioned. thanks art
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