NHTSA Video - How to Make H-body Safer

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NHTSA Video - How to Make H-body Safer

Postby kayak » Fri Mar 03, 2017 12:44 pm

Saw this video online awhile ago which features film of a crash test of a 1978 Skyhawk crash test.


If I were to allow my children to drive the Skyhawk, I'm thinking about what safety upgrades I could implement. Roll cage (6-pt) at the very minimum. Perhaps an upgraded bumper piston system beneath the urethane cover, and better passenger restraint system (seat, belts, etc.) All pretty costly, I know. Would just be cheaper to ban them from driving it at all.

Any thoughts from the fellow parents out there?

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Re: NHTSA Video - How to Make H-body Safer

Postby Monza Harry » Sat Mar 04, 2017 2:20 am

Kurt This may sound "Smug" [without that intention though] but a better plan would be to teach them the solid foundation of "accident avoidance". Every accident is avoidable, some are a lot more work to avoid than others are. This would be good for yor cars preservation as well as your Childrens preservation! I personally dislike two things that most believe are great, 1st "Air Bags" I feel the driver should be "respectfully afraid" and 2nd the present 2 channel "ABS" seperating the brakes into front rear split doesn't work. If when driving on an icy road with a gravel shoulder and you lose traction while stopping I gently steer over to the shoulder and with two wheels on the rough icy shoulder I can stop, that is until the D :censored: n ABS turns off the brakes to all four wheels because two are sliding! Skil and fear are both needed to become an excellent driver. Just my twisted 2¢ Harry
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Re: NHTSA Video - How to Make H-body Safer

Postby rpoz-29 » Sat Mar 04, 2017 10:41 am

I've instructed "Street Survival" schools for a while. The school is put on as a partnership between the BMWCCA and Tire Rack. If there is one near you, sign your kids up for it. I've instructed in trucks, mini vans, as well as passenger cars. The school is divided into classroom segments, and driving. Students have to do lane changes, threshold braking, wet skidpads, etc. This is done in the car they will drive. They learn a lot about accident avoidance, and "real world" driving. It's well worth the expense. You may also receive a discount on your insurance.
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