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Car Timeline

Postby spencerforhire » Mon Apr 03, 2017 10:11 pm

I put this together over 5 years ago to post on this forum, and had misplaced it until this evening. I thought it would be worth repeating; feel free to post your own-

Wow, this was tough to put together; in fact, I left out some of the more boring examples of “daily driver”, plus I won't even try to account for the multitude of parts cars that I dismantled over the years.
This timeline starts in 1973- the year I turned 16-

1968 Biscayne 250 ’Glide(hand-me-down from my father)
1967 Camaro 250 3-speed stick
1967 Camaro 327 4-speed(SS “clone”)
1974 Nova 2-door 250 TH350(daily driver)
1978 Camaro 350 4-speed
1974 Vega 4-speed- bought so girlfriend(now wife)could learn to drive stick in 1981
1976 Vega GT auto- my first V8 swap (installed 262/4-speed/7.5” from a 1975 Monza)
1977 Vega Gt 5-speed(installed 305 and 4-speed from 1979 Monza Spyder)
1974 Astre GT 4-speed(had the “Hatch Hutch” tent in the spare tire well.)
1964 Malibu SS 194 'glide
1976 Monza 262 TH350
1974 Vega Wagon auto(winter d.d)
1977 Vega Wagon auto(winter d.d.)
1979 Monza 305 TH350
1980 Sunbird 3.8V6 TH350(wife’s d.d. for 4 years)
1982 S-10 2.8 V6 4-speed
1978 Sunbird Wagon 3.8 V6 5-speed(winter d.d.)
1977 Vega GT 5-speed (installed 400/4-speed/9”rear in 1988(still in my yard)
1979 Malibu wagon 3.8 Chevy V6 auto (d.d.)
1986 S-10 ex-cab 2.8 5-speed(4”&6” drop)
1987 S-10 ex-cab 2.8 auto 4WD
1988 GMC Sierra 305 7004R(3”&4” drop)
1977 Vega Wagon auto(someday street car project, will have 305 TPI/5-speed)
1986 Camaro Z/28 305 700R4
1993 Suburban 5.7 L 2WD 2”& 2” drop
1972 Vega HB drag car 383/'Glide/9”
2004 Silverado 2WD ex. Cab 4.8/4L60
2003 Silverado 2WD Ex Cab 5.3/4L60

I’ve left out all the Fireflys/Sprints(Geo Metro in the US) as well as a string of GM A,B and J-body wagons that were primarily my wife’s d.d.’s over the years, as well as the current “fleet” of Saturns. From 1981-1990 I dismantled somewhere between 30 and 35 H-bodies of every possible type, including probably 10 V8 Monzas(on top of the 3 I built for my own use, I supplied motor mounts, etc., for at least 6 or 7 other V8 swaps)
The "fleet"-
77 Vega Estate wagon- project(someday)will have TPI305/T-5, S-10 spindles/axles
72 Vega HB Drag Car -383/'Glide/9"(9.35@146.19)(5.94@117.28 1/8th)
76 Vega GT- 400/4spd/9" retired from active duty(rusty)
03 Silverado 2WD (work truck/parts hauler)
04 Silverado 2WD (retired)
06 Haulin' 20ft enclosed car transporter
93 Suburban- 350/4L60(retired)
00 Saturn SW2- wife's car
01 Saturn SC2- younger son's project
00 Saturn SL2- daughter's car
98 Saturn SW2- spare
and 3 more Saturn "parts cars"
Note- the very act of listing all of these has made me realize I have some kind of problem.....

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