Hood realese cable repair

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Hood realese cable repair

Postby jonez47394 » Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:01 pm

Is there a way to repair the hood release cable? by this I am thinking new cable wire threaded into the original protective plastic sheeting? this would allow one to keep original clips and mounts. I am not sure if its possible but had wondered if anyone has ever tried. thanks
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Re: Hood realese cable repair

Postby chevyart » Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:23 pm

think i remember someone using cable from a bicycle brake cable. dont know the details. art
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Re: Hood realese cable repair

Postby Vega2008 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:19 am

I bought a new cable on eBay that had a swaged on threaded end part to the actual cable housing. The cable housing is the same diameter as the original hood release cable. This will allow me to bolt the cable housing directly to the hood release handle and it can't break off. No more plastic part to snap off, and no more steel clip to hold it to the handle. I just have to cut the cable housing to the correct length to match the original cable, and then measure the actual steel cable that runs inside the cable housing from ball end to ball end and make a new inner cable to the right length. I have a swagging tool to be able to secure the new cable ends on permanently. I bought the cable on eBay for about 9.00 with free shipping. I will take out the inner cable that came with this cable and junk it, and replace it with a new stainless steel cable and stainless steel Loos Ball ends I bought from Grangers online. The cable and the cable ends I bought from Grangers are made from stainless steel. I didn't want any corrosion on the new inner cable to happen. Here is the eBay auction for the cable I bought, the cable housing is the same exact outer diameter as the stock Vega Cable. My eBay auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/361682314806?_t ... EBIDX%3AIT

To fully answer your original question. If your OEM cable housing (your original part) is not broken where it fits into the original hood release handle (the plastic part with a groove behind it for the retaining clip) you can fix what you have fairly easily, as long as you have the right tool to do the job. Home Depot sells a Swaging tool that basically crimps cable ends onto that inner steel cable. If you cheap out and don't use own of these swaging tools when repairing your cable, the cable end will most likely come off at the time when you really don't want it to. The tool is 28.74 at Home Depot, I bought one, because I plan to make my own cable and a few more for select people that are wanting a new Vega Hood release cable that isn't the EOM cheap ass breaking kind. I was planning to sell some at around 25.00 dollars plus shipping. The last time eBay sold an OEM cable was a few months back and it was bid up to over 80.00 for the end of the auction. So if you might want some help repairing your own original cable. You could buy the tool and do it your self. the Ball ends are readily available on eBay or from Graingers online. You could fix this yourself, or maybe find a shop that has the tool to do it for you.
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