Spindle Schmindrel

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Spindle Schmindrel

Postby 74_Vega_GT » Fri May 12, 2017 3:47 pm

There seem to be about four or five experts on the spindle swap who are active in the forum and have made great recommendations who should probably collaberate on a book detailing the different swapout scenarios to help eliminate confusion on H-Body upgrades. Posts for the S-10 spindle swap go back many years from what I am seeing. I have set from a first generation S-10 that are not yet installed in the vega, and am currently wondering if I got the right ones. Now , after reading a ten year old post and not wanting to hijack the thread nor reply to a post that old forces me to create yet another post about the spindle swap. Someone had posted a question about the S-10 pickups and Blazers Xtreme models having the shorter steering arm which wouldn't diminish our turning radius. Tim McCabe asked a great question that never got answered in that thread. There was a picture posted showing the three spindles side by side. There was discussion about deep LCA pockets and ride height in that old thread.
I am working with a first generation 85 spindles from a pickup. I have deep pocket LCA from a 75 cos. The upper control arms have the excentric type of bushings. The steering is the quick steer 1:1 box off of the 74gt .I will be using manual brakes and have discovered that I may be heading the wrong way on the hydraulic clutch. Some folks are moving the harness block to install the clutch master, along side of the brake master, some are not. There have been years old threads concerning the exact type and placement of the clutch master actuating rod and drilling of new holes in the pedal shaft. Master cylinder composition, whether plastic or all metal with heat concerns and headers. Tunnel clearance issues with internal or external slave cylinder applications might mean that now I have the wrong bellhousing for the 99 vortec v6.
I'm sure it'll all work out though. I have to keep in mind that although Vegas have been upgraded for many years now, that no two were done the same. A compilation of the greatest Vega gurus are here on this H-body forum and I am thankful that I have such a repository of info on the subject at hand here to garner info from. Peace
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