AC/Heat HVAC related- Vacuum Defrost Actuator

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AC/Heat HVAC related- Vacuum Defrost Actuator

Postby 74_Vega_GT » Thu May 25, 2017 7:15 pm

I found a thread dated back in 2013 that discussed a diagram of the AC system ('77) and noted the discussion of the three(3) vacuum actuators. Two of them they discussed were marked in the diagram and one was not marked with a part number. I experienced the same today at the GM parts counter where the clerk could find a number for two of the parts but not the third, which of course is the one I need. This particular vacuum actuator was mounted before the two plastic body halves were glued together, probably at Harrison which is why there was no AC/Delco part number for it. To remove the actuator requires separating those glued halves, or using a Dremel with a small cutting wheel to cut a window to access the nut holding it on. The old one that I removed has approximately 1/3 of its metal "diaphragm protective" covering missing but does still hold a vacuum and retract the actuating lever. I could use it in a pinch if I am unable to locate a new one. Any ideas for a workable substitute will be appreciated. Peace
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