Rubber hose replacement

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Rubber hose replacement

Postby cjbiagi » Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:11 pm

A while back I suggested to check your 2 small hoses that connect the fuel tank to the hard lines. These have a tendency to crack and deteriorate especially with current fuels. I would also like to add to this to make sure you also inspect the small rubber hose connecting the hard line to the vapor recovery line. It's about 4" or so and on my car this is on the passenger side down along the lower part of the firewall. Placement may be a little different on later years but just follow your line and make sure you inspect it periodically. I use this line as a fuel return to the tank and I was smelling gas fumes and found out that this hose was part of the culprit. It's very easy to never know it exists and even as a vapor return line it is suspect to deterioration. When replacing any fuel lines make sure you get actual good quality fuel hose, not vacuum hose or anything else. It's not all the same and current fuel hoses are designed for the fuel available today.
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