Jeep column?

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Jeep column?

Postby CaptainPainn » Sun Mar 22, 2015 12:35 am

I was at a swap meet last weekend and wandering through, i seen this tilt steering column. Thought it was H body at first, but once i got over to it i seen it wasn't. Guy said it was from a Jeep. Looked like it might fit and he only wanted $10 so i got it. Fit right in and bolted up great. The key is slightly closer to the dash than stock, and while it operates fine, i don't like it. All the way up, the column just touches the dash. I think i'm only getting about an inch over non tilt. How much farther up does the factory tilts go over the standard? Anyone ever tried to use a jeep column before? Looks completely usable with minimal amounts of work. Thoughts, input...
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Re: Jeep column?

Postby heapster » Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:03 am

Just laid my CJ (tilt) column next to my h-body (Vega tilt I think but not really sure) and here is the long & short of it. putting the under-dash mounts even the firewall mount flange on the CJ is just over 1 inch closer to the wheel and its about the same amount longer overall (with the added length at the bottom). So from the looks of it yeah interchange is highly doable. In fact I may mix and match parts to get the best of both now that I look at them. One thought for you if that is a CJ tilt you have and it can be refurbed I've seen originals in decent shape go for 3-4 hundred on fee-bay. so for the price of a couple of bearings and some epoxy paint you could have a good return on investment, unless your heart is set on using it.
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