Tilt Steering Wheel Issue?

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Tilt Steering Wheel Issue?

Postby wdwisser » Thu Aug 08, 2019 12:12 am

All, I have purchased a tilt steering wheel for my 79 Monza. Everything seems to be in the right places but when I go to connect the wiring to the connector on the tilt column is slightly different. I went to change out the connector with the one from the original non-tilt column but the cable that runs from the key lock to the connector on the column is a different length and doesn't work with the non-tilt connector. How can I change this out with the original non-tilt steering column lock release button? I am not sure how far I have to tear down the column to get at that or if it is even possible to do so. Any help would be appreciated.

Pictures would be helpful if you have them or a diagram of how this comes apart. I don't have anything to go off of so again any help would be appreciated.

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