Tail Lights 101 redux h-body 2+2 Monza or ????

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Tail Lights 101 redux h-body 2+2 Monza or ????

Postby MIKESMONZA » Mon Aug 13, 2007 8:47 pm

OK, if your tail lights are faded or cracked with a patern of heat lightning like the kind you see in high cloud's running all over the cloud but not touching the ground,,or you can not polish another another scratch out,,,,, :arrow: here is what I did,, :arrow: The edge near the alluminum trim was leaning in so I puled with a small suction cup the low spot and epoxied the crack along the alluminum with tape to protect it, then polished it with plastic polish till the spider cracks "almost'',,,, could not be seen and washed them again the next morning and mounted them. After being remounted in the car I was happy, but at high noon the mini spider cracks were back??? Went on line looked for a couple of ideals came up with a product localy sold and nation wide at :arrow: Autozone and O'RILEY's,,,and I am sure many other places,,,,,,,The product is :arrow: Vers-a- Chem,,,,part# 90239 just has red len's bought two >>>> also part# 9090238 has a red sheet a white or clear sheet (after you remove the wax paper), and amber sheet,,,, bought two,,,also part# 90111 :arrow: they have a just flat clear sheet did not use this yet, but some of you will need it on other project's ok ???? with the light fixed in front of me say like on the car :arrow: the right pass side,,, so using a templete of the red lens traced from the red near the alluminum top to the bottom You will find the light's taper to the right but the bottom is square I butted the len's patern at the left on the edge of the clear backup light side the it ran as far to the right as the lenght would allow and butted to the bottom,,, :arrow: coming up short "almost"to the end.,,,, :arrow: then made a piece for the part that wraps around the corner using the edge's.,,,, It is a offset triangle. :arrow: made a reverse image for the other side of the car also,,, :arrow: Then made a piece for the short coming between the corner where it turn's,,,,, :arrow: and used a clear piece for the back up lights lens all this was cut on a pull out wood desk extension,, :arrow: ( I tried a portable cutting board but it moved and would not do) and taped down with masking tape lens side down and cut with with a razor knife,and straight edge ruler (some EMT surgical grade were also tried but left a wobaly cut) a cutting sheer like for office work might work..but tape it down to the deck The product has a glue on the back so watch out for finger print's pull the wax paper off the back and press using a soft cloth and fingers the corner where the material touches at the corners will re qiure a drop of epoxy and masking tape for curing the corner's The red has a funky color till you remove the waxy paper and has little projections or bumps on the out side surface to amplfy the light,I sent clyde some picture's maybe I will put the on later in a edit.,,,,,, :arrow: sorry they do not look stock,,, but look better than what I had,,, Mike
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1975 Chevrolet Monza 2+2

Postby spyder_xlch » Mon Aug 13, 2007 8:57 pm

I saw on one of those weekend back yard mechanic shows a product where you can mold your own lenses. It comes with everything to make the molds, the plastic (or whatever material lenses are made from) and red and amber dyes. The plastic is clear so you have to dye it if you don't want clear, duh! I forget the price but remember them saying it was worth the price for hard to find lenses. You could make some clear tails for a Monza for the ricer look..NOT. It would be neat if you could get the smoked look though.
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