Interior lock rod linkage repair

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Interior lock rod linkage repair

Postby MIKESMONZA » Sun Sep 09, 2007 12:14 am

:shock: My linkage on the driver side door interior was broken in side of the door behind the interior door panel. :idea: Taking the panel off .,,,I took some alluminum disk's I cut from the new dash prodject they were 2'' and 3/16'' th's inch diameter and 1/8th thick ,,, with a pilot hole 3/16th inch in the center . :arrow: Putting a 10-32 stainless steel bolt/ screw thru the disk and locking a poly style nut on it... then placed it in side the door thru the hole where the white plastic bushing locks into the interior side of door cavity (cross shaped hole,, twist in to lock) back thru the small hole in the plastic held it in place with my left hand while marking with right hand,,,,, "around" the broken part that sticks up from the circle that the linkage has broken the top piece off then removed it from the door and drilled pilot holes for a self tapping sheet metal screws on both sides of the "ham in a can shape" :arrow: the screws face the out side and bump the plastic linkage the direction the rod pulls on later :arrow: then a hole drilled on the top 12 o'clock above the three holes 90 degree's below, :arrow: for the rivet to conect the "metal linkage rod " just drill out the old rivet ("centerpunch" it first)and drill the old rivet out :arrow: then at the 12 oclock hole :arrow: add a pop rivet with spacer washer on both side's and make sure it is too long on purpose to expand and hold the washer's with out binding, Then 3 10/32 washer's followed,,, by a poly locking nut :arrow: Yes I tried lots of epoxy, to put the piece back togeather but this work's best and will accept another hole in the disk if you want to add electric locks to the system, :arrow: No pictures at this time sorry Mike but will have them later, 8) 8) MIKe
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