Best paint/dye for interior plastics

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Best paint/dye for interior plastics

Postby 78spyder » Wed Nov 26, 2008 12:36 am

I'm going to be hitting the door panals, I see Sems, VHT and Krylon Fusion all make a plastic coating product. VHT makes a dye and a paint. I've had good luck with both VHT and Sems products, and I have some yet to be installed rear quarter window fins that I used the fusion on and they look great, but I wont know how durable they are for awhile. I'm thinking about going with the VHT paint. Can anyone give any feedback? Yes, I am a nut about preparation, so it will get several soap/water and solvent baths prior to spraying and possibly a coat of adhesion promoter for good measure.
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Re: Best paint/dye for interior plastics

Postby cjbiagi » Wed Nov 26, 2008 4:15 pm

I have not used any spray can paint/dye for interior plastic. I always used either Mar-Hyde or Dupont dye mixed at my local paint supplier and applied with a spray gun. However, all the brands you mentioned are very good and should be fine as long as you prep everything as you have stated. After that it is probably either personal choice based on colors or availability. I have done all of the hard plastic in my car as well as the dash. I have not attempted the door panels. Let us know what you do along with some pics if you can. Freshening up the interior makes a big difference even on a well maintained car. Time and weather take its' toll on interior pieces causing them to fade. I posted my project last year when I did this along with some pics, you should be able to search and find it. I do like to spray a light coat of gray primer just to even things up before spraying with color. This is especially important if you have some serious darkening on the tops of the panels from the sun. You want to spray pretty light coats and don't do anything to change or fill in the grain pattern.
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