Monza 2+2 Folding Rear Seat Attachment????

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Monza 2+2 Folding Rear Seat Attachment????

Postby Malcolm7 » Sun Sep 01, 2013 3:19 pm

I am trying to reconstruct a 1980 Monza 2+2 which was dissembled when purchased. The interior is not all original and looks to be a mix of Vega and Monza parts - especially the seats. All are in nice condition.

My question is how the upper folding section of the rear seat attaches to the body.

I see the holes in the side trim panels for two brackets on each side - upper and lower. I do have the upper brackets which serve as a stop when the seat is unfolded. I do not have the lower brackets.

Also it is not clear how either of the brackets attach to the body. There are no holes in the body at the sides where the brackets should fasten. I should point out that this car was repaired behind the rear seat with some new sheet metal many moons ago, so some attachment points may have been lost. The sides have not been altered.

Any guidance on this issue will be appreciated.

Also can any suggest a source for brackets?
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Re: Monza 2+2 Folding Rear Seat Attachment????

Postby Monza Harry » Sun Sep 01, 2013 6:28 pm

Hey Malcolm if you would go into your "User Control Panel" right under "Board index" (top left) you could add your location and then the ones closest to you could weigh in with our parts that may help you. I have a rear seat and I am sure that I have the sheet metal you require for both the bottom and the folding upper(I know that I do but I will have to check condition), the sheet metal won't cost S :censored: to mail but a whole rear seat (in good to excellent condition) might hurt $$$$$$ if you are far away! I will check to see if the sheet metal attachments are in usable condition and PM you if they are at least decent! Hope this Helps you out, Harry
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Re: Monza 2+2 Folding Rear Seat Attachment????

Postby Malcolm7 » Mon Sep 02, 2013 10:27 am

Monza Harry,

Thanks for the reply. I did edit profile and am located in the Detroit area.

I do have a good rear seat and upper (stop) brackets. In fact I have an extra set of uppers.

I am missing the lower brackets which attach to the folding seat. Also I am missing the bracket (?) which actually attaches the seat brackets to the car. If you have a these parts to spare perhaps we can work out a deal.

Attached is a photo of the right rear side where the seat should attach. Sorry but photo is rotated 90 degrees. As you can see there has been some welding due to the last owner's conversion to 4 link rear axle (12 bolt).
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Re: Monza 2+2 Folding Rear Seat Attachment????

Postby Len » Wed Sep 04, 2013 5:31 am

IF Harry can't help with the parts ,
I am fairly certain I can .
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Re: Monza 2+2 Folding Rear Seat Attachment????

Postby dadhad1 » Wed Sep 04, 2013 12:35 pm

Hi Malcolm7,

I don't have the lowers to offer, but I can take some pics of my lower brackets for you so you can at least see what they look like and I can describe how they tie into the chassis if you want.
I have a 75 Vega and I'm not sure how different mine are compared yours.

I would guess they'd be the same, but I'm not certain.

Let me know.
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