custom dash pad ideas?

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custom dash pad ideas?

Postby utah vega » Mon Sep 02, 2013 2:43 am

Hey like a lot f you my dash pad is cracked and looks terrible, I want to do something but really don't want to spend a bunch getting it professionally restored. I've been sent arching and can't find anything though so I'm wondering if you guys have any ideas what I can do to make it look good again. I've thought about just wrapping it with fabric and brushing some fiberglass resin on it to make it all smooth and cover the cracks then just paint it with a matte finish. Anyways if you guys have any experi nice or ideas I'd appreciate the help!
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Re: custom dash pad ideas?

Postby robert123 » Wed Sep 18, 2013 1:23 am

Your idea may be the best thing to do.

Another option (costs $50 bucks and uses a good-looking suede 'direct fit' cover). Steps 1) -- [*another website recommended: fill in the cracks with silicone from a caulking gun... use a putty knife to feather edges ... let dry 3 hours...].
Step 2) then glue (use slow drying/strong epoxy-glue - allows you to reposition cover; aerosol spray would help give you fast
and even coverage) this cool suede cover on your dash.

What do you think would work ?

Post some pics if you get a chance [to help the other campers]. ... CH035.html
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