Glasstek now making Notchback fiberglass decklids!!!

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Glasstek now making Notchback fiberglass decklids!!!

Postby THX1138 » Sat Jan 11, 2014 5:30 pm

Just wanted everyone to know here on the forum that Glasstek Fiberglass in Illinois is now making pin-on Monza & Sunbird Notchback fiberglass decklids!!!

To my knowledge, no one has ever made these.... I've looked!!!

I sent them my near mint original steel decklid back in December and they made a mold from it... it came out perfect! I had them make two fiberglass decklids for my projects and I just got them Friday... they look fantastic!

Glasstek also sells other Monza fiberglass panels as well as front and rear Monza single headlight bumpers which I already have a pair on my drag car.

I have pictures, but have no idea how to post them in this topic... if someone could e-mail me that could post the pictures, I could send the pictures to you.

outerrim (at) windstream (dot) net

I thought several people here with notchback cars might want one!

Call Glasstek for pricing.

- Jim
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Re: Glasstek now making Notchback fiberglass decklids!!!

Postby robert123 » Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:45 am

Hi, to load photos try this:

a) L-Click on "View your Posts"
b) L-Click on the post you want to add pictures to.
c) L-Click on "Edit" (upper right of post)
d) L-Click on "Upload Attachments" (bottom left; light blue 1" long box)
e) L-Click on "Browse" to access photos already loaded onto your computer.
f) L-Click on "Pictures" section on your computer to view pictures (~mid left of screen)
g) Double L-Click on picture you want to load onto your post.
h) L-Click on "Add the File"(lower left of editing post)
i) W-a-I-t ....... 4-10 seconds for picture to load onto your editing post.
(Picture should now show itself as an "Attachment" (lower left part of your editing post).
j) L-Click on "Submit" to load your post & pictures onto the website.
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