Made a couple passes @ test and tune

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Re: Made a couple passes @ test and tune

Postby Greybeard » Thu Jul 07, 2016 6:27 am

2:10 am
Woke this time thinking about making changes. Too many parts, too many options. This mornings project seems to be intake manifolds. I had a Smokeyram. I gave it to a friend that had always done stuff for me without asking for anything but the friendship. If I had it still, it would be on it. I run hot and cold on the STR-10. It's in great shape, been installed but never seen fluids.
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I've also got this Barry Grant Aeroram. Like the STR, it is a crossram with removable top. I was thinking low rise tunnelram.
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My thoughts are to install it with the dual quad top, but turn the carbs around backwards so the fuel lines are on the passenger side. Too messy having to find away around. Wonder what tech would say about those fuel lines?
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Well after 3:00 now, not sleepy. Alarm goes off in less than two hours. My cat wants attention. Coffee anyone?
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Re: Made a couple passes @ test and tune

Postby chevyart » Fri Jul 08, 2016 2:53 pm

hey grey beard. you are missing all the fun if you dont crawl under the car all the time.not sure if i remember the specs on you motor, but just knowing that you have a hydraulic roller that should definitely go to 6500 rpm's, your best results would probably be with a edelbrock rpm air gap intake with a good 750 cfm carb. cant see a need for a bigger carb, unless mayber if you had a 383 or 406 cu in. then, maybe up to 800 cfm's. id would definitely stay away from multiple carbs, as they may look cool, but wont give you great power increases unless you have a race setup and operate in the 7500 rpm and higher range, all the time. i guess air bags(2 of them) work to help traction, but using 1, probably on passenger side rear can lead to a little problem on top end. for every action there is a reaction. preloading the right rear unloads the front drivers side suspension, and at the end of the run, when you let off, the front end on drivers can just unload back down, and maybe send your car off course. just a little tidbit of knowledge i picked up from racers who i think know the ins and outs of suspensions. if you tune with shocks, they get you going and then unload right away and get you down the track without any events at end of the quarter mile. let us know how you do next time out. art
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Re: Made a couple passes @ test and tune

Postby 6D9 » Sat Jul 09, 2016 10:36 am

Nice you got to get it out for some shakedown passes! The 109 trap speed shows the potential of the car. I would put a set of 235/60/15 MT drag radials on it and go back again to practice. The tires should help a ton and allow you to run the car out safely. Keep us posted.
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