NEW '74 - '77 Vega Gas Tank Program

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NEW '74 - '77 Vega Gas Tank Program

Postby cosvega76 » Wed Jan 24, 2024 5:55 pm

I just got a note from David Dempsey with the Cosworth Vega Owners Association (CVOA). He has put together a program with Tanks, Inc to make a run of new gas tanks for the Cosworth Vega (CV). As you may or may not know, the CV uses the same gas tank as the standard '74 - '77 Vega, but has the baffle installed for use with the fuel injection system. According to David, the baffle will not interfere with the standard Vega OE sender and pump unit. More details attached, but they need at least 50 prepaid orders or Tanks will not consider producing them. So I am forwarding this info to you as to help boost the numbers interested in having the new tanks produced. Please read the following in its entirety:

Beginning Jan 2 2024 we need everyone that has an interest or is wanting a gas tank or two for their Cosworth Vega. Tanks Inc. WILL COLLECT ALL THE PREPAID ORDERS MONEY UP FRONT. This prepaid program is open to anyone that is in need of a gas tank for their 1975-1976 Cosworth Vega. To make this work we need everyone to stand up as we need the 50 orders or this program will die. Tanks Inc. WILL NOT TAKE THIS ON AND MAKE ANY TANKS FOR US IF WE FALL SHORT OF 50 ORDERS


The price of the tank is $415.00 with shipping. With all that said Tanks Inc. will need to collect all applicable taxes on top of the $415.00 It all depends on what state the tank is going to be ship to on how much applicable taxes they will collect when you prepaid. Legally this is the way Tanks Inc. needs to handle the tax end of it all for bookkeeping reasons.

Again, this is a prepaid program money up front. You will send your payment straight to Tanks Inc. They will hold all the prepaid money as we need 50 prepaid orders before they will start making the tooling to stamp out these tanks. If we fall short of 50 orders you will get a refund back from Tanks Inc. Tanks Inc. will not by itself invest in the tooling to reproduce any Vega tanks in hopes they sell some tanks just because a few guys need one. In their estimation, it's just a bad investment for the company. I worked with them for quite few months and didn't give up. What Tanks Inc. agrees to do is to make tanks for the Cosworth Vega. As you may know the Cosworth tank and the 74-77 Vega tank is the same tank except the Cosworth tank has that baffle at the bottom for the fuel injection. The 74-77 Vega will not have any problems using a Cosworth tank. Again as long as you are using the stock sending unit.

They will copy a NOS tank from a 74-77 Vega tank and then add a baffle for the Cosworth Fuel Injection. The tanks would be stamped from 0.8 mm thick galvanized steel then finished in a silver powder paint. The tanks will be the same as OEM with the baffle. Once the 50 plus order comes in they will then make one tank for a trial fit. It can take up to 3 months to develop the tooling to stamp out one test tank for fit. After everything checks out with fit it make take another 4 to 6 months to stamp out 50 plus tanks ****PLEASE BE PATIENT**** it all depends on what orders are in front of ours. So, it may BE @ 7-8-9 months before you see a tank.


Call to place your order and payment of $415.00 plus applicable taxes Starting Jan 2 2024

(319) 465-3522


Part # TM747V

Taking orders till April 1 2024 so get your order in early and don't miss out on this ****ONE TIME RUN****.

From all the feedback I've been getting from everyone. I feel very confident that this program will work. These outside vendors are not going to take these projects all by themselves a prepaid money up front program is the only way it's going to happen.
If we can't get 50 orders I hope people realize we may never get any tanks at all in the future.

Thank You, David Dempsey

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Re: NEW '74 - '77 Vega Gas Tank Program

Postby NVEGAR8D » Fri Mar 15, 2024 5:00 pm

Hi, I'm very interested in getting a tank but need contact info maybe a phone number. Please OOps found it.
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