Fuel tank components

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Fuel tank components

Postby ArmyNavySeabee » Fri Apr 20, 2007 12:49 pm

I have a 1974 Vega that I am rebuilding stock. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the problem of parts that deteriorated or failed and the lack of available replacements off the shelf. I've been lucky enough to be able to find new, still in box, components for most everything I've needed til now.

Now I've worked my way to the fuel tank which rotted out. I managed to get a clean tank from a junk yard in California. However, I got just the tank and the straps. The internals, pump, filter, and tubing are still original. Has anyone identified available replacements? Since my tank was rusted up and full of crud when I dropped it I would rather replace as much of what I have with new Vega components if possible. I don't have a Hollander so I'm not sure what is mix and match from GM.

I've been scanning Ebay for a while and have found nothing there.

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Postby bugdewde » Fri Apr 20, 2007 3:09 pm

Not too much help......... the pump will show up on ebay occasionally..... but is still available at AutoZone/NAPA etc.... at least it was a couple years ago when I replaced mine. I believe they're all th same, 140 Vega to V8 Monza.

The sending unit isn't easily obtained. There was talk around here and on V8monza.com of fudging around with a 90-ohm F-body's sender to work on the H-body stalk. Not sure about the status on that.

I swapped the resistor part from a good stalk(short 71-73 stalk) onto the later model stalk(longer/deeper) that was in the transplanted later model tank in my early model car :?: :?: :?: :?: confusing, ain't it?
Anyway, the ears broke off the sender housing that hold the resistor in the housing upon disassembly and I had to take it to a shop to have the housing soldered/brazed back together with the transplanted good sender. Works good.
I wire brushed the stalk and interior parts of the tank before assembling it to remove the rust/oxidation and replaced the rubber insulators where the wires go through the cap of the stalk. Tedious work but I didn't know any other way to redo it.
The only trouble is finding a good resistor to swap into your sender housing.... I got lucky and found one in a wrecking yard(tank included).

I don't know of any other items that will swap. Maybe someone will chime in with better info. Good luck.

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