IECO Dyno-Pak Rochester carb main jet question

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IECO Dyno-Pak Rochester carb main jet question

Postby gotmud7 » Tue Mar 31, 2009 1:25 pm

I'm rebuilding my Rochester 2 bbl carb on my 72 Vega GT. I have some information on tuning this carb from a ( I beleive) 1978 Popular Hot Rodding article. It shows pictures and descriptions of adding a lead ball to the power valve to stop fuel flow, and then installing larger main jets to compensate. My question is, what size main jets are supposed to be there? And how much bigger? The main jets in my rebuilt carb are "52". Under magnification they do not look like they were altered.

Does anyone have now, or used to have this Dyno- Pak information? I am putting on the Heddman header and Edelbrock aluminum intake over easter weekend, and would like to have the carb ready by then.

Any help, opinions, or comments welcome!
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