2 barrel to 4 barrel carb

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2 barrel to 4 barrel carb

Postby gunner » Sun Oct 06, 2013 6:35 pm

I want to put a 4 barrel carb on my 75 monza 4.3. I want to with the edelbrock performer intake and the 500 or 600 cfm carb. will I have enough clearance with this set up. Has anyone done this setup. Don't want to cut any holes in the hood. Would the 600 be to big.
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Re: 2 barrel to 4 barrel carb

Postby Howler73 » Sun Oct 06, 2013 7:09 pm

Way back a 100 years ago (or so it seems) I put a 4bbl on my new 76 Monza / 262 V8, 4sp (after the 1 year warranty was out of course). I used a Holley Street Dominator and a Holley 450 4bbl. Using the then in vogue Moroso gold anodized air cleaner I had no problems with hood clearance. When I put in a Comp Cams cam and kit, a set of headers and dual exhausts it was a pretty peppy setup. Of course it paled in comparison with the LT1 350 that followed it. Needless to say the rear end did not like it though.

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Re: 2 barrel to 4 barrel carb

Postby cjbiagi » Sun Oct 06, 2013 7:49 pm

Hood clearance on my 75 Monza is very tight. I am running a older Edelbrock two plane C3BX manifold along with a Edelbrock carb (basically a Carter AFB). I had to use a drop base 14" air cleaner which lowers the air cleaner below the lip of the carb along with a 2 1/2" high air cleaner element (K&N). The air cleaner just barely rubs the insulation on the hood. So, bottom line is yes it will fit but choose your parts carefully and don't slam the hood the first time after installation.
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