Some Lordstown Vega to Monza Details...

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Some Lordstown Vega to Monza Details...

Postby marco_1978_spyder » Tue Nov 05, 2013 12:03 am

Here are some new finding's...

Here's how the Vega Change over to Monza's occurred at the Lordstown Ohio plant in 1977.

In early January of 1977, the Plant shut down for five week's. This was due to in part to an oversupply of Vega and Astre model's, and to change over some area's of the plant to accommodate the Monza and Sunbird.

The Engine Line needed a change.. Vega 140's were installed from below. The Monza and Sunbird V6 and V8 options demanded a new conveyor be built to install the engines from above. The Paint department received an upgrade to handle the new urethane parts on the Monza and Sunbird.

3,000 Workers were called back to show up Monday Morning February 14, 1977.. The Vega and Astre would keep on being assembled but the new lines would be in place and operational ,and the Monza Town Coupes and Pontiac Sunbird coupes would start appearing in the mix. These were 1977 models. The first ones were done and rolling out on Wednesday February 16th, 1977. 8,500 worker's helped in assembling them.

As the '77 line drew to a close and '78 production began in Late August of 1977, The Vega's and Astre's had dwindled and the Monza and other models were being assembled. The Hatchbacks came along at some point. The Vega nameplate stopped being applied and the Final Vega hatchback bodies in the mix became Monza 'S' coupes and the Vega wagons became Monza Wagon's.

The line had ramped back up to 70 cars per hour. On October 4th, 1977 a second 8 hour shift was added. 70 cars an hour now equaled 1,120 cars a day.

On May 19th of 1978 the Olds Starfire added the "Firenza" to it's model line.

The line ramped up another notch on July 30th 1979 to 80 Cars an hour. The Buick Skyhawk and Oldsmobile Starfire models were produced thru December 21st 1979. (1980 Models) After that it was only Monza and Sunbird. On March 24th of 1980 the line speed was increased to 90 units an hour.

Production ended November, 26th 1980. The official, model year ended normally, just passed mid August. However the run was extended to keep inventories stocked through the changeover to J bodies. Most got titled as 1980's, a few of the last lingering new ones were titled as 81's.
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