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Re: 1978 Pontiac Dealer Ordering Book

Postby cammerjeff » Sat Jul 25, 2015 11:41 pm

marco_1978_spyder wrote:
cammerjeff wrote:The Next 5 Sunbird related Pages, I keep forgetting that the Sunbird HB was mid year addition in 78, so very little info on them in this early edition.

This is news to me, they had Sunbird Hatchbacks in 1977, wouldn't it have been a carry over? It was new to Lordstown for 78... and they did focus on coupes first.

Super Juicy info... so no worries.. I see now that the E designation.. ie; "2E27A8U543210" is for an economy model, makes sense. They added the E designation to the base model hatchback in 1980.


Of course you are correct that they made HB's in 77, my bad it was late when I was posting these pages. Still it suprises me how little info on the HB models there is in the book. I do know that the Coupes outsold the HB body style most if not every year.
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