compilation of h body info and links

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compilation of h body info and links

Postby 73astregt » Sun Jul 22, 2012 4:25 pm

to all members and moderators, i have compiled a rather large list of links and info i had saved in my favourites in regards to h body info, members threads, parts links,h body clutch adjustment info, brake swaps, how other members made parts work, even the vertipak rail cars the vegas were transported in. there is a pile of links in there wich will hopefully help everybody find info they are looking for. if the moderators would like to make this a sticky or post it in the best of section or anyone has info to add go for it! i apoligise in advance if anyone didnt want their link here my idea was to get a quick link for info that may not be in the library or the faq section to as said help others out. the info is in my project journal on pg 6 check it out :th: viewtopic.php?f=20&p=217425#p217425 maybe the mods can cut the part out with all the info and links, im not that great with computers lol! ps if anyone dosent want their link in here i will delete it on request asap.

[i]Moderator edit: here's the list -- links with spaces are broken so you'll have to copy and paste -- I'll make it a sticky for now but it will need to be kept updated -- Dennis (monzamess) [/i]

rotary vega ... stion-why/

joshes rad support mod and rad thread

covertech portable garages

ball joints


clutch pedal assembly


ultra rare 73astre

replacement shocks

willwood brakes

pivot ball adjustment

southcal parts

master cylinder

pont v8 h body

rear swap brackets

drivetrain angles,hook and torque

roller paint job

s10 rear brakes

lca ferrules

repairing lower valance

charcole cannister

gt emblem location

hood scoop painted

v8 swap articles

hooker mount instructions

pedal assembly for t5 t56

tims 6 speed fits thread

comparison pics tko keisler

cooling systen tech,ls1

roccos vega, trailing arm reinforcement

joshes rad support chop thread

keisler engineering 5 speed

ls conversion info

caveman homemade shroud

swartz vega(ls conversion, rear disc brake axle)

changing nose from 76 to 73

vintage air into monza

hop stop thread

sound deadening matereal

overkill racecars

umi performance roto joints ... &cPath=199

cpg nation, how to set valve lash ... l?AID=3236

clutch adjustment pics and info

aluminum v8 articles

vega v8 swap articles ... ticles.htm ls1 brake swap ... 42&start=0

rick racer v8s10 rear disc brake swap ... isc+brakes

art morrison rear clips ... r/&x=index

u tube how to mould fiberglass

spider performance steel shift stick ... 88550.html

longacre racing bump steer info

racing stuff wheel backspacing info

automotive headliner conversions ... liners.htm adaptors

troubleshoot electrical problems

corvette c4 irs conversion

nasty look where i was

allengrove short water pump brackets ... t_Pump.htm

century performance tech links

gas milage calculator ... meters.php

supercar registry, motion vega link ... 369&page=1

pro systems 1 bbl fuel injection

comp cams camquest registration free download ... =CamQuest6

southsanintonio fab frame connectors

sharkhide metal protectant

maxivideo inspection scope (borescope)

kwik performance ls1 swap parts

ebay crank and short wp pulley kit 21% reduction ... es&vxp=mtr

hyperlube zinc replacement additive ... ve-c7.html

kbs rust coatings

urathane supply plastic repair and welding

multi plaz cutting, welding soldering

phoenix graphics replacement decals

brp ls conversion mount kits

currentperformance ls wiring harnesses

v8s10 ls to nv3500 info

rightstuff 10 and 12 bolt rear disc conversions ... 0/10002/-1

flatheadv8 ultimate t5 swap article

keisler engineering 5 speed ... ering.html

swaptech ls mount kits

welding tips and tricks

kwik wire wire harnesses

american autowire harnesses

ron frances wireharnesses

carcraft gen 3 engine and trans swap ... ewall.html

north georgia engine code database ... id=default

accle dfi efi feul management system usps fedex ups tracking

checkered racing chassis parts

carbag protective car covers

wheel technical fitment info

calculate tire diameter and width

fast xfi fuel injection info ... l?AID=3236

ez efi ... _Banner_Ad

powerjection efi system ... 27856.html

efi connection, ls fuel management systems

msd atomic efi

professional products emission color codes

wheel and tire size comparer

centerforce steel flywheel 400 sb external balance 153 tooth ... refilter=1

throwout bearing info

hays performance clutch kit to fit h body t5 swap with v8 monza bellhousing

jegs drag bag link ... No=24&Ne=1 2 3 13 1147708&Ntt=air+bags&Ntk=all&langId=-1&storeId=10001&Jnar=0&N=0&catalogId=10002&Nty=0

percys wheelrite fitment tool ... 1/10002/-1

jegs adjustable dual fan control kit ... 6/10002/-1

moroso alternator mount kits and drive mandrils sb chev and 90 degree v6

chevy steel bellhousing 153 tooth for hydraulic release bearing ... layId=1913

high tek air cleaner low profile ... r,104.html

speedway motors v8vega conversion kit with headers ... ,1913.html

autoweld chassis, backhalf kits and vega 9 inch stock type four link housing info and t5 fifth gear support plate

britishv8 t5 id codes ... D-Tags.htm

march pulleys driver side alt mount ... ProductId=

march pulleys passenger side alt mount ... ProductId=

march pulleys driver side high alt mount ... 0/10002/-1

march pulleys high center driver side mount ... 1/10002/-1
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Re: compilation of h body info and links

Postby 73astregt » Sun Jul 22, 2012 11:18 pm

cool! thanks dennis!
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Re: compilation of h body info and links

Postby Lunatic » Fri Aug 22, 2014 8:38 am

Great list! Thank you for taking the time to compile this for us. Kudos.
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Re: compilation of h body info and links

Postby cacmanjr » Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:46 pm

Great information.
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