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I got a mid 80's space save spare in my car

Postby vega_man_larry » Thu Jan 03, 2008 4:59 pm

I found a mid '80s spacesaver donut in a pick-n-pull wrecking yard. I tried it on an S10 they had and it fit so I bought it for $5.00. When I got it home I tried it on the Vega and it worked both front and rear. Yeah I would look stupid if I ever used it, but at least I wouldn't be stuck. It fits where the stock 13 incher did and I don't need to worry about getting it inflated. I could flasher my way to a tire store at 35 MPH and then be on my way when my flat was fixed.
It's cheap insurance and for $5.00 it is easier on the wallet than a tow truck. I also have a working jack and I keep a tire iron handy.

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Postby MIKESMONZA » Thu May 29, 2008 10:53 pm

I let my temporary worn five lug spare go last week,,,,,, As I purchased a newer F-body Pontiac firebird steel spare for twenty dollars .,,,, It was in the trunk of a Pontiac,Firebird newly aquired at the Dismantling Business,,, was able to reach in and rescue it.,,,They are inflated from the factory,,Will work with my set up,#1 New aftermarket Jack,,,"Side Lift",,,,, uses seam below door rocker panels,,,,sccisor style,with handle,,#2,,New and improved four way lug nut turner/Torque,,Took a medium Four Way Tire Iron," fraction style" and added a deep 3 inch depth 1/2 inch drive "ThinWall" Socket,,,,, 13/16 th's,,,,,Welded it to the same fraction number,,,,,will add more sockets as wheels with close tolerance's to the nuts seem to be popular.,,,,,#3,,,,a set of ally spacers,with correct nuts,,,spare nut's,,#3,,Little plastic tire wedges's,,,Keeps car from rolling ,,#4 ,,,12 volt compressor,,with tire plug kit #5,, A pair of coton glove's and hand wipes,,#6 bandana,,#7,,, 2 Liter bottle of water,,#8,,Kneeling foam pad,,,#9Travel Bottle of aspirin,,#10Misquito wipes ,,#11,,disposable poncho,,,12 Flashlight,with spare battery's,# 14 speed dial set on house/shop tow truck driver's cell #..Mike,,, Ps the thirteen was toilet paper just superstitious,,,
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Postby Monza Harry » Sun Mar 25, 2012 2:14 am

Hi Guy's I was at a swap meet and seen a inflate a spare out of a 2nd gen F-body I measured it to see if it wood fit my HB Monza spare well, forgot the size called the guy to get the size and he sold it ,go figure (he was asking more than $100) and hasn't listed one on his site since, apparently they are as hard to come by as H-body anything. They "look" to be simaler in size, so still searching. Harry
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Postby firebird77clone » Thu May 03, 2012 9:16 pm

The spare on my 69 chevelle fits over the rear drums fine, but won't clear the front calipers. Of course, I find this out when I get a flat on the front. I tried the can of fix a flat first, but it wouldn't dispense. So, I flipped the tire around and ran it reversed. The valve stem hit on the caliper, so I tied it back. The car pulled when I braked, but I kept it slow and made it to the tire shop fine.
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