modifying the 140 2300 (what to do?)

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Re: modifying the 140 2300 (what to do?)

Postby vega craig » Wed Dec 04, 2013 6:16 pm

tiemen,i have a cosworth motor i just did the stroker to it,iam with dick its really they way to go .my car is a 73 vega it had the original motor drove it that way for a year no torque,i know were talking 4 banger,then i put the cosworth motor that was alot better now i did the stroker to it way it has some real fun drivability to it.( not sure thats a word).but if i were you i would hunt down then cosworth head ,then its a stock 2.3 vega crank with the front turned down to put the cosworth crank sprocket for the belt on to,stock cosworth rods and special pistons ,they can be found, not cheap.the rest is just good engine rebuilding with sleeves .my car runs the stock cosworth efi. winter hasnt even really started and i cant wait for summer,its alot funner :th: craig
vega craig
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Re: modifying the 140 2300 (what to do?)

Postby ussokiecity » Fri Dec 06, 2013 12:54 pm

For modified 2300 parts , check Craigslist - Indianpolis. Bob from Lebanon , Indiana is selling off all his parts and has a phone number listed. He is very knowledgible and has done several modifications to heads pistons etc.

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Re: modifying the 140 2300 (what to do?)

Postby 74Vegan » Sat Nov 07, 2020 9:20 pm

kgroombr wrote:I am all for keeping these original, but it is a challenge. It sounds like you are on the right track. I would make sure you evaluate everything you need to bring it back and find your parts before starting. Ebay seams to be the best place for hard to find parts these days, but put what you are looking for in the "Wanted" section as somebody here may have what you need.

Complete gasket sets are getting hard to find, so make sure you this before tearing into it.

I use the ARP head studs on all my 140 engines. You can find them a bit cheaper on Ebay.

The Heavy Duty (HD) radiator, same as radiator with air conditioning is more than adequate for cooling.

Early next year, I plan to do some youtube videos on rebuilding a 140. I am just swamped with other tasks at the moment.

I will be sure to post when I start here in the forums.

Did you ever make those youtube videos on rebuilding the 140? Can you send me the link please?
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