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Postby monzabug350 » Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:25 pm

Hello boys!! Im back.Been out of the country a while and came across this v6 page. I had a neighbor who put a Buick v6(4.1) in a 69/70 Olds body. droped right in with little trouble hooked up to a 350 trans. He had put it togather with a turbo crank,polished stock rods,hyper tech 030 over flat top pistons a Kenny Bell cam (sweet idle sound) factory 4bbl q-jet and factory intake. That thing would smoke the tires any time he hailed it. If he kept his foot out of it he got around 26/28 mpg. He had found this book on how to do the swap. If it can be found on the net it has all the info to do the job. It was published in 1980,so it may be hard to find. anyway this it. Building the v6/vega. By John Thawley. #s129. If its any help try this number. isbn#0-936834-29-3 It orignaly sold for $6.45. Dont know how much its worth today if you can find it. It would be really nice if you could find a Buick G/N turbo engine and all the necessary things that go with it,that would give you a real Mustang/Camaro killer.
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