72 Vega GT Project Loco Moco

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Re: 72 Vega GT Project Loco Moco

Postby monzaaddict » Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:20 am

. This guy has a hooker manifold on the driver side. He has a trailblazer manifold on the passenger side. I do not believe he has the driveline angles even close to correct. It looks engine is in with no transmission
Looks to me if he had the engine properly located a hooker manifold on the passenger side he could move the engine over more to passenger side and gain clearance around the steering.

Check out this vega. Not much info but real nice
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Re: 72 Vega GT Project Loco Moco

Postby Vegabee » Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:46 am

I think these 2010 Camaro and similar manifolds are same casting as Hookers.The bottom flange kick-out is the problem running into the lower uni body.if the engine is placed so the drivers manifold clears the steering shaft then the flange can be cut like so
and 3" pipe can be formed like this to match
The figure "8" cut adds perimeter strength to to weld.
The nice thing about matching and welding these up is that it can be moved fore and aft,in and out and pipe tacked in the preferred position.They weld pretty well or tack them and take them to weld shop to finish weld as long as too much weld bead does not end up on the inside,then there is grinding with an extension and stone to smooth that out,expect that any how.
The 1978-80 Malibu 2.5 pipe kit from Jegs is a great workable kit for under Vega too
Got the manifolds for 99$ Ebay and Jegs pipe kit 160$ I think minus mufflers.Cost effective way to go.
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Re: 72 Vega GT Project Loco Moco

Postby 6D9 » Fri Feb 24, 2017 2:07 am

Well sad to say it but I think im going to test the waters and put my little 72 up for sale. My two car garage has no room with my Camaro and wife's car taking up the space. I just dont have the place to get into major mods with it outside. Hopefully down the road can do another someday. Will continue to play with my dad's car tho!
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