my 2 babies believe it or not!

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my 2 babies believe it or not!

Postby h-bot » Sun Jun 09, 2002 7:25 am


My first toy is a 1972 vega wagon kammback gt. It has a 350 motor
400 turbo tranny Ford 9" with 456 gears. My rear tires are 31 X1 6.5
mounted on weld drag lites. Its a beauty. My second is a 1974
Kingswood Estate Vega Wagon. It is all original as they come and
still is in very great shape. From what i have found or actually
havent these seem very rare but i may be wrong. If anyone has any
information about my call nicknamed "My Little Woody" Please Email me
at <a href="/group/vegaastreregistry/post?protectID=200181250003093209036242046056129090177230">kbb@b...</a> Talk to you later

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