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too many questions to list help

Postby h-bot » Fri Jan 25, 2002 5:20 am


i have a 1980 pontiac sunbird formula i have a
503 hp dynoed small block stroker to put in the
engine bay ill be useing the hooker engine mounts and
headers 1 3/4 tubes these cant be used with power brake
whitch my car is factory equipt with ive been told the
mastercylender in the car will work for manual brakes if i lose
the booster is this right? also i need a manual steer
box will the vega box work? im useing a ford 9 inch
with 4.11s and a full spool what rear suspension would
you wreakamend an after market ladderbar or 4 link..
ive worked over a turbo 350 trans but will it take
the abuse with my 4400 stall converter? can turbo 400
be installed? the frontend is allready all fiber
glass the hood the fenders the doors.. the interior is
stipped out except a drivers seat ill be useinf 28-10-15
inch mickeys slicks if this car hooks up will i need
wheeley bars? with good traction what kind of 1/4 mile
ets can i exspect? this engine has run 12.20s in a
full bodied factory suspensioned 1970 chevelle...
thanks i know i have lots of questions thanks for youre
help..... keep on rockin......

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