91 Sunbird 2.0Ltr head gasket

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91 Sunbird 2.0Ltr head gasket

Postby h-bot » Mon Apr 01, 2002 3:33 am

From: mopacrr_REMOVE_257981_THIS_@yahoo.com

Hello to all.

I just joined your group seeking information for my daughter's car.
She bought a really nice 91 Sunbird with the 2.0 liter engine. The
car sparkles it looks so nice. She got a great price only to
discover it was as is and has a blown head gasket.

I have not changed a head gasket in many years but, it looks very
accessible and quite straight forward.

Does anyone have tightning torques and any source of info for the
little 2.0 liter engine.

thanks, Dan

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