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2 Vega's for Sale

Postby h-bot » Mon Aug 12, 2002 8:19 am

From: stroupers_REMOVE_767765_THIS_@yahoo.com

Hello Everone, I have a 71 wagon, no motor or tranny, but everything
else is there, straight,clean car, with a lot of GT stuff to go with
it , sway bars, GT wheels , Gt steering wheel, 2 GT grills in great
shape, no breaks or cracks, 2 extra straight bumpers, NOS chrome
bumper guards for the front and back, NOS side marker lights for the
front side fenders, A/C unit, factory chrome rear window wing, really
good tail light lenses, they look new, not faded or cracked, a tilt
steering colum, the front and rear valance pannels are in great
shape, 2 GT front round turn signal lenses, 2 factory little side
door mirrors, all the glass is great. AZ car, No Rust!!

The second car is a 72 GT hatchback, everything is there, from top to
bottom, including the lower trim on the side of the car. The car runs
and drives pretty darn good. the interior is a little shabby, but it
is 30 years old. Pretty new brakes and tires, new in the tank fuel
pump,The car is straight, but is has a little dent right behind the
drivers door, It was repainted by a little old man, pearl white
without the stripe. Paint is pretty good. Gordon, in Arizona.
<a href="/group/virtualvegamonzaclub/post?protectID=061243091007194219184061000248124088000048234051197">stroupers@m...</a> or <a href="/group/virtualvegamonzaclub/post?protectID=061243091007194219184061000248100253094145066046167121181">stroupers@y...</a> Thanks.
1000 bucks for the both, need to sell together. <a href="/group/virtualvegamonzaclub/post?protectID=061243091007194219184061000248100253094145066046167121181">stroupers@y...</a>

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