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2 Vegas for sale

Postby h-bot » Mon Aug 12, 2002 8:30 am

From: stroupers_REMOVE_373018_THIS_@yahoo.com

I still have more vega stuff that goes with the 2 cars,an extra
differential, a set of v-6 mounts , a v-6 engine (old buick) extra
tail light lenses for the hatchback, a NOS four cyl. water pump,
extra carb, extra windsheild. OH ! The GT Hatchback has factory air
conditioning, everything is there but it is not working. Thanks,
Gordon , <a href="/group/virtualvegamonzaclub/post?protectID=061243091007194219184061000248100253094145066046167121181">stroupers@y...</a> or <a href="/group/virtualvegamonzaclub/post?protectID=061243091007194219184061000248124088000048234051197">stroupers@m...</a>

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