Timing makes the differecnce..

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Timing makes the differecnce..

Postby h-bot » Sat Nov 04, 2000 12:02 pm

From: Monzabudd_REMOVE_863042_THIS_@yahoo.com

I cant believe the difference in part throttle
acceleration in my 1980 monza with the 231 V6 Buick
The timing reset from 9deg btdc to the correct
setting of 15deg btdc really made a big difference. And
it was only a fraction of a turn on the cap. A small
change for such a drastic improvement.
The Catalytic
converter has been replaced with a straight pipe for now,
and a used turbo muffler I put on there is going
bad,and is loud but the louder it gets the more the car
seems to pull.
Where it used to sound winded by
35mph, it will run all the way up to 45mph in 1st
gear(automatic),then rip through 2nd to 65mph growling all the
If you took this current performance ,added a
supercharger and bulletproofed the oiling system,then added
thick swaybars and decent rubber all the way
around...you would have a definite street screamer,that if it
couldnt flat out beat another car it could definitely
outhandle it.
In a Skyhawk body of course:)

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