Non Chevy H-Specials... cool.

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Non Chevy H-Specials... cool.

Postby h-bot » Sat Mar 17, 2001 8:27 pm


Hey, club; I'm happy to have found you. (I joined
a couple of days ago.) I like the early rear drive
Skyhawks (favorite cousin of my Olds Starfires), although
I never see them anymore. There even used to be a
couple of Roadhawks and at least one Nighthawk in my
corner of Ohio, but I guess they're long gone. I had
owned three Starfires; a '76 5 speed SX, a '79 4 speed
SX, and an '80 4 speed GT, all with Buick 231's. They
were good heavy cars, as little cars go anyway, and
they all looked great. Here in Ohio the winters' road
salt tore them up, and like all other small cars,
their owners were either too poor to save 'em or their
once little families outgrew them. It's sad that GM
quit making these cars, and that so few of them are
left. For the money (cheap - 4 to 6 thousand in 1980,
less than a year at minimum wage), I think they were
among the best cars GM made. I wish I could buy new
ones for my kids' first cars.

I'll check in
here once in a while...


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Non Chevy H-Specials... cool.

Postby h-bot » Sun Mar 25, 2001 1:23 pm


I have been real busy but wanted to reply to this
message because I am a lover of Skyhawks. I got my first
one on May 7, 1975. Great car. I loved her-Christy. I
am afraid that I wasn't as caring a lover as I
should be and wore her out. Approaching 200K mile when
we moved to Maryland, she was running good but had
too much rusted undercarriage to pass MD inspection
and she wasn't 25 so she couldn't get historic tag.
With no place to keeper and my wife not wanting me to
spend the money to rebuild the body, we were forced to
part. My current car is near twin, acquired last year.
Same color, same year, slightly different options. She
is in great shape with only a few problems. I am
slowly bringing her back to perfect codition. My current
project is redying the carpets in the hatch area wher the
sun has bleeched them from red to near tan. I am
going to put a modern radio in in place of the sterio 8
track next. I would keep it but it is AM only!!! I am
starting to get tired of the Spanish stations which are
the only ones I can pick up. I have the two cresant
shaped trim panels on the top coprners of the front
bumper ordered from a salvage yard in Florida. They were
rolled under when the car was delivered. The previous
owner had the bumper painted so it was apparent that it
had happened while she owned the car. Anyone know of
how that could happen. I wonder if it was towing
accident. Anyway, other stuff to be done is replace
passenger compartment carpets, install new trim ring on
left tail light. Christy lost hers too so in that way
Betty is similar to her sister. And I got to get two
vinyl panels in driver's seat replaced. I have a shop
that says it can still get matching material. Anyway,
that the list. Comment if you want to. Don.

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