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Vega Parts

Postby h-bot » Sun May 06, 2001 8:36 pm


Hey guys found a new source for used parts. this
guy has 17 vegas he,s partin out he had 18 but i got
one so now he has 17. lots of body parts and glass.
Wagons GT,s and goodies.His email is
If you need me to look at anything let me know i
have to go back up to north Ga. to get a windsheild
from him i can look for your parts and let you know if
they are in good shape or not. I also got a set of
rear panels from him excelent shape no

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Vega Parts

Postby h-bot » Thu Jan 16, 2003 2:29 am


Hey All,

Now that my 16 year old Daughter (as of yesterday) has a car to
drive I no longer will be needing a lot of the Vega parts, both
stock and performance, which I have collected. So if you are looking
for some Vega parts let me know what you are looking for and maybe
we can work out a deal before I put the parts out on Ebay. Here are
some of the items:

Offenhauser 4bbl manifold with LINKAGE! - this is new and still in
the box (or what's left of the box).

Headman 4 in to 1 Header with slide on collector.

Rebuilt 76 - 77 Vega Long block (one of the rebuilts from Ebay).
Hydraulic Head and Sleeved Block.

71 - 72 (will fit all years) Rochester 2bbl manifold with carb.
Manifold does not have an EGR valve.

71 - 75 New Vega Tappets.

More crap than I care to think about.

By the way, her car is a 1979 Chevrolet Monza Station Wagon, 26,000
miles (original miles!), Pontiac 151 with crossflow head, Power
Steering, Power Brakes (and like all Monza's after 76 the big
brakes), Air Conditioning, 4 Speed, Buckskin exterior and Medium
Saddle (not Buckskin) interior.



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