How many splines and what is the pinion diameter of a CV dif

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How many splines and what is the pinion diameter of a CV dif

Postby h-bot » Sun Jan 19, 2003 3:26 am


Can't give you the spline count off the top of my head, but Auburn
Gear offers a positraction case and either Richmond Gear or
US Gear offers up to 4.56 ring and pinion sets.

Also, the later 7.5 inch gears used on Camaros and S-10s can be used
installed in the 7.5" H-body carrier with a special bearing that I
is supplied by Tom's Differentials.

All these vendors have web sites that should pop up in a Google

I would not recommend anything higher than a 3.73 with the four-speed
unless you never plan to do any highway driving. The T-50 with a 4.10
is ideal for everthing from road racing to highway cruising at up to
about 80-85 MPH. Higher speed cruising is perfectly okay, it just
gets a little noisy above this range.


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