How many splines and what is the pinion diameter of a CV dif

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How many splines and what is the pinion diameter of a CV dif

Postby h-bot » Sun Jan 19, 2003 4:00 am


I have a few Cosworht and Vega cars. The axles are all 26 spline.
One car I purchased had a Monza axle that was going to be changed to
Camaro gears for better gear ratios. The Camaro gear sets require a
28 spline axle. I still have the gear set for $50 and the 28 spline,
5 lug axles for $20. If interested, let me know.
Write to the e-mail in my profile.

Tom, The Astre

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> I have a 75 CV with the stock non-posi 3.73 diff. It
> is the usual 10 bolt 7.5" unit. I am looking to
> purchase a posi and alternative gears for it. I have
> read a number of back letters, CV magazines and the
> TCT. It highly probable that I just missed the info,
> but I am still trying to find the answer to the
> following questions.
> How many splines does the rear axle have?
> What is the standard pinion diameter?
> Has anyone out there tried 4.56 gears and what was
> your experience?
> Thanks, Jim
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