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Texas Vega Graveyard!!

Postby h-bot » Wed Jan 22, 2003 5:02 am

From: cliff.payne_REMOVE_613543_THIS_@yahoo.com

Good Afternoon!
I have found where all the Vega's went to die in Texas! ;) There
is a yard in Amarillo, Tx. that has somewhere in the neighborhood of
two dozen Vegas, just as many Monzas and Sunbirds, a few Astres, all
of varying age. No shipping YET... but he is thinking about it.
Don't look for anything rubber or vinyl because they are usually
shot. HOWEVER, for those needing trim, sheet metal, wheels, STANDARD
VEGA engine parts etc... this is the place!! Maybe a few phone calls
expressing interest would speed his willingness to ship things? BTW,
he even had a straight Spirit of America Vega there but it was pretty
picked over. MOST OF THE CARS are 74-77's so Cosworth style body
parts and tail lights abound! Here's the name and address guys.

Cherry Avenue Auto Parts
309 W. Cherry Avenue
Amarillo, Tx. 79108
(806) 383-7859

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