Alternate Wheel Refinishing

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Alternate Wheel Refinishing

Postby h-bot » Thu Mar 13, 2003 6:05 am

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I did a post on this subject a while ago.I had 4 wheels refinised by
powder coating and the result was excellent. The cost was $300. in
total.They bead blasted the wheels, powder coated in gold all over.
Then machined the lip and recoated them with clear. The result was a
deep wet look finish. Sorry no photos on my computer as of yet when I
do I'll post them. The price a bit cheaper and for me a bit more
durable finish. Your choice,but if your in the west the shipping
alone maybe the push. It was done by TRUDESIGN WHEEL INC. 12200 West
52nd Ave. unit # 4 Wheat Ridge,CO. 80033. Phone 800-6216436,303 422-
5090,fax 303-422-5104. Contact Jim Bergey. Mine are not the only
Cosworth wheels he has done. He knew what they were instantly and
what powder to use to get the correct color. Another choice if your
interested. Jeff Romeo.

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