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Master Cylinder question...

Postby h-bot » Sat Apr 12, 2003 2:31 am

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Cosworth Vegas use the same 3/4" master cylinder as other Vegas
without power brakes. I'm not certain, but I believe the 75 and 76
CVs are functionally the same. In production, some master cylinders
had a sheet metal reservoir, but most have an integral cast iron
reservoir. In either case they are functionally the same.

Of course, if you have Monza brakes, your car should have the 7/8"
master cylinder and both power Vega and power Monza brakes use unique
master cylinder configurations to interface with the booster, so you
have to know your current configuration to get the correct part. Is
it OEM or has it been "upgraded"?

Most if not all of the major brake parts vendors still offer a full
line of brake parts for Vegas and Monzas, and some have on-line
catalogs. Do a search - Raybestos, Wagoner, EIS, Bendix, get a part
number and take it to a parts store that carries that line.


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