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Postby h-bot » Mon Apr 14, 2003 8:09 am

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Well I just finished filling out my application to the CVOA and will
be dropping it in the mail tomarrow. It seems I am the proud owner
of #2713 1976 Black Cosworth . This will be my first Cosworth as
I have always wanted one and although looked at getting one back in
the 80's never got around to it until now. I hope that everyone
welcomes me. The car has had 3 previous owners ( 1 of them <1 yr)
and I purchased it off Ebay.. I did my homework prior to purchasing
it and found the last two previous owners and talked to each one..

It is Black with Hoothhound interior, rear defog, (swing-outs ?
dont know) , 58,100 miles, am-fm 8 track factory missing ( I will
try and replace) 5 speed, 4.10 rear end, Hutton rebuild with less
than 2,000 miles on.. incl DCOE Webbers , BDE hot cam , forged
racing pistons 9.5:1 , sleeved, stainless valves, ect.. (I talked to
Karl Hutton) has had new cam belt, dist belts replaced, new tires
raised whites, new clutch and exhaust, wheels been refinished and new
carpet. Purchase price was $3600 and I had the auction pulled

Buying my first CV was a hard one and an exhaustive decision
process. I looked at alot of cars that is for sure, some low
milage , some never driven never titled , and some with Hutton
rebuilds,... What to buy was not so much of what I wanted but what
made practical sense.

I wish to thank everyone who helped me and coached me through this
and also all those sellers I talked to that showed me their cars that
were for sale.. They were all very nice, I was trying to find my
niche what suited me best. In buying this first car, I decided that
for what I wanted in being able to drive it once in awhile and take
it to car shows, and not knowing much about CV's as I will be
learning …. That it was best to go with something that has been all
gone over and had a fresher rebuild with the Hutton Webbers,.. As I
learn more about working on the CV's, the day will come when I will
get perhaps a 2nd CV low milage that I can restore and sit in my
garage and look pretty. But for right now, I want to restore and
detail this one best that I can and have some fun with it..

Thanks again for all the comments and help and I will have many
many more questions in weeks to come.. I cant wait to get the car as
I haven't seen it yet and will give everyone my first impression on
what it is like to drive a cosworth for the first time.

Bruce (#2713)
Cape Coral, Florida

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