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WANTED - Monza Interior Parts

Postby h-bot » Sun Mar 10, 2002 12:55 am

From: Venom_Symbiot_REMOVE_211846_THIS_@yahoo.com

Looking for black interior parts for my 1976
Chevy Monza. Must be original black, not painted. I
have some parts, but I'm still looking for a few

Panel, Front Kick/Vent (Both)
Dash Pad Trim,
Woodgrain or Plain (over glove box)
Molding, Roof Inner
Side Front (Driver's Side Over Door)
Assembly, Trim Finish Qtr. (Passenger's Side Rear Quarter)
w/ Ashtray
Coat Hooks (Both)
Door Panels,
Black w/ Woodgrain or Plain with Armrests, locks, etc.
Ashtrays, Rear (Both Sides)
Seat Belts, Front (Both
Sides) including the Lower Housing Assemblies

am also looking for some exterior

Front Bumper Parking Lenses, Amber (Both)
Trim for Front Bumper (Complete)
Chrome Side Trim
for Windshield (Passenger Side)
Rear Trunk Lock
Cover and Spring

If you have anything listed
here in good to excellent shape (no scratches, breaks,
cigarette burns, or dry-rot) then e-mail me and let me

Bob Gumm
V8MONZA.COM a.k.a.
"Building the V8 H-Body"
<a href=http://www.v8monza.com target=new>http://www.v8monza.com</a>

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