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Update on Lenny/Adrienne

Postby h-bot » Mon Mar 11, 2002 9:31 pm

From: pfjk36322_REMOVE_289855_THIS_@yahoo.com

Dear Adrienne.I know that you are frustrated and
depressed.You want a miraculous recovery,as we all.I hope that
Lenny is receiving physical therapy on a daily basis.If
not his muscular tissue is degenerating,this may be
the cause of the discomfort.I don't have any
Have you showed him pix of your rides(praising his
work and the beauty of the cars),put a wrench in his
hand,read the Haynes manual to him?
Have you consulted a
chiropractor & alternative/nutritionist/accupunctorist/herbal
I guess,what I am saying is that the time may have
come to go beyond the traditional pill pushers.Don't
get me wrong,I feel that there are a lot of good MD's
out there.It is just that someone else 'out there'
may have a clue.Lenny and you are in our prayers,take
care of yourself,and God bless you both.

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