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Gone for a while

Postby h-bot » Tue Mar 12, 2002 7:35 am

From: jackdaniel53142_REMOVE_231330_THIS_@yahoo.com

Hey everybody, sorry ive been out of touch for a
while but ive been
pretty busy! Got a question for
anybody that might know. I'm in the
middle of
installing a frame under my starfire and im prettywell set

on that but the frame i'm using is out of an s-10
(with a number of
mods). My question is about the
motor I had rebuilt and am goung to
install, I
found a 427 out of a 69 impala, and I'm going to Use A

Turbo 350 Trans, I'm desperately in need for some
"weight" Specs. for
these two items so I can adjust my
spring rate accordingly, also any
info on(and i
realize this part is not about the h-body)any springs

that mightfit into my(front susp. is basically stock)
s-10 frame!!
Any help from you guys would be
greatly appreciated! Iknow we have
some pretty
talented members and i'm hoping maybe one of you might be

able to help!(Hey Ken!! lol, Ha, Ha) Thanks in


P.S I'll be
my login and E-Mail
address soon and I'll
you all know!!
jackdaniel53142 has
been good to
me but
but i've got a more
club oriented
in mind!!!!!

Thanks Again!!!!

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